středa 19. listopadu 2008


Tohle interview je možná nejlepší sonda do duše System Of A Down.


"Superman told me that we needed to make a double type of record, and I said, OK Superman, We will make a double type of record, but it won't be a double album because Batman didn't want a double album."


"We are extremely annoying people, trust me... Tell the kids we're very arogant."

"I was a prostitute on the streets...of Hollywood."

"You're not really understanding the point of what's going on."

"Cause we're honest. And we just don't give a shit."

"I'm actually nicer than i was back then! Before i joined this band I used to beat fools down for no reason."

"And if I feel like talkin about fellatio and prostitution, then you should adjust to my vibe."

"Whatever dude, whatever."

"I understand what you're sayin I also understand what we're sayin."

"I talk to my mom the same way, she gets nothing out of me."

"I'm so not upset."
-"She hates me."

"No, we're still interviewing, I'm not done."

"If you look at Daron, he may seem like dick sometimes, but what I've learned over the years... whatever he says, there's always a meaning behind it."

"If we took things personally, this band would not exist."

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