sobota 15. listopadu 2008

Hudební průmysl jde do hoven, může za to INTERNET.

Úryvek z interview s Chrisem Barnesem (Six Feet Under), docela mi to přišlo zajímavý.

Beyond The Dark Horizon: How do you feel about the Internet and how it has revolutionized the music biz?

Chris: Oh, I think it has ruined it. I think everyone knew it back then and now it has grown into this monster that can't be stopped. Either you get on board and utilize the finer points of it or go the way of the dinosaur. I think it has ruined the music industry and I think any record company will tell you that.

Beyond The Dark Horizon: Has it greatly affected what you do?

Chris: Oh, yeah, definitely. I think it affects what people do more and more everyday, on all levels. It is what it is now and the machine must be fed.

Beyond The Dark Horizon: Some bands will release bonus material or stickers, you know, like extra packaging to dissuade people from downloading the album…

Chris: Oh, yeah, we've done it and it doesn't work.

Beyond The Dark Horizon: I didn't notice anything on this release like that and wanted to ask…

Chris: The European release has three bonus live tracks in a digipack.

Beyond The Dark Horizon: You don't think that's enough, huh?

Chris: Probably not, those songs will probably wind up on the Internet in two days.

Beyond The Dark Horizon: It's a real shame…

Chris: Our new album was put online a week and half ago. It's already been leaked out, you know? How is that a positive thing? I don't understand. That's why there won't be CDs anymore in about five years and there won't be record companies, so to speak, in the next five years. It will be hard for bands to tour with the economy. Basically, what's been going on with the Internet changing the music industry is that the fans have brought it upon themselves and will be the ones to ultimately suffer. I have never downloaded anything, not even legally. You know? If I want to listen to a band's music, I go buy a CD. I don't believe in anything else. The industry has been brought to its knees over this and it's ultimately going to cost everyone.

Tak asi no comment, líbí se mi hlavně ten jeho přístup, že všechno jde úplně do sraček. Internet je hovado. Líbí se mi, že vlastně přímo neřekl, že hovada jsme my:D

Nějaký komenty na tohle téma?

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MaxFriik řekl(a)...

Asi dělají na hovno muziku, tak si je nikdo nekupuje :)

slasher řekl(a)...

no death metal by podle mě nebyl moc prodávanej nikdy:)